Hello Copper Cliff! Welcome to Jube’s Bar & Grill

This is a very special .. Thanks.. to all of our wonderful customers . If it wasn’t for you we would not have been in business for over three years now.

Just a few things to mention that we would like to try to make your visits here at Jube’s Bar and Grill memorable.

– We are starting with monthly theme night. On Wednesday, Feb 24th we are having a Mexican Buffet Night starting at 5:00 pm. There will be a variety of Mexican dishes, Mexican music, with the restaurant decorated in bright colours. Kids under 5 eat for free!!

– We also offer Nightly Dinner Features that have been prepared by our chef to tantalize your taste buds at a reasonable price.

-We will also be offering a Monthly Dinner Feature that our chef and staff have created for your enjoyment.

-T.V’s.. T.V’s… T.V’s ..we have 8 T.V’s surrounding our restaurant so you can come and dine with us and not miss the game because every where you sit you can see a T.V

Have a great time in Jube’s Bar & Grill

Eating out in a new place is a good chance to spend time with your friends and family. It’s an enjoyable activity that you wouldn’t want to miss because having delicious food and enjoying good company are the best ways to pump yourself up. You only live once so make the most out of your present by creating memories worth cherishing. Here in Jube’s Bar & Grill, you can have an unforgettable experience with all your loved ones. Want to know how? Check out this information below for more. 

What’s in store for you in Jube’s Bar & Grill    

Jube’s Bar & Grill is proud of its wide selection of services and mouthwatering food. There are loads of things that you can expect during your visit and these are the following:

Themed events

To elevate your experience in Jube’s Bar & Grill, we host themed events every month. One of these is the Mexican Buffet Night which occurs every Wednesdays from 5:00 pm onwards. During this activity, the entire restaurant is decorated with vibrant colours to give off a festive mood. You can enjoy Mexican dishes and dance to the beat of Mexican music playing in the background. If you have kids under five years old, they can have their meals free of charge.

Delicious food and refreshing drinks

Aside from having different exciting themes, we also have nightly dinner features that showcase the best dishes prepared by our chef. It can spice up your taste buds and make you smile with its variety of flavours, all at a reasonable price. Moreover, there are lots of options to choose from such as pizzas, chicken wings and more. You can drink up on your favourite alcoholic beverages to rev up your experience. 

Live entertainment

You can tune in to your favourite bands while having your stomach full, here in Jube’s Bar & Grill. We have a wide selection of live entertainment choices for you. Stay updated by checking out the schedule of the band line-up on our website. 

Watching sports channels

You can watch your favourite sports team while dining in our bar and grill restaurant. See how the various matches unfold along with the exhilaration of being surrounded by excited spectators. Cheering together with your friends or strangers is a memorable feeling that makes you feel as if you were in the stadium itself. Moreover, a round of drinks can add up to the experience, making it more fun and interesting every time your chosen side scores a win.    


We want you to have a great time in Jube’s Bar & Grill so we came up with different activities that you can try out. Aside from our large television screen, we have different board games and activities in store for you. Examples would be bingo nights, pool tables and draughts among others.